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# The Recycle Bin Manager 

In this doument, we are concerned with the first testing phase of the Recycle Bin Manager.

<img src="/apache/manager-icon.png" width="250">

## Pre-requisites

A computer running MacOS, a connection to the Internet, and an open mind.

## Disclaimer

This application is in Alpha phase, which means it is extremely unstable and could potentially crash. It can not cause any harm to your computer, so even if it does crash, it will not affect any other parts of your system.

Moreover, in its current state, the application will ask you to give it Full Disk Access permissions. We have set it up this way because a single script requires access to your traditional 'Bin' folder. This is currently the only way to access this folder on MacOS and the only reason the application requests these permissions. We are working on a way aroound this.

This application is local-first. This means no logins, no authentication, and no central points of failure. When you choose to connect with other peers' Recycle Bins, this connection is direct and uninterrupted by third-party servers. You will always have the choice to disconnect.

So far, the Recycle Bin Manager has only been tested on MacOS Catalina (v10.15).

If you run into any major issues such as the application crashing or not launching at all, please don't hesitate to [contact Karl](mailto:bonjour@moubarak.eu).

## Installation

To install the Recycle Bin Manager, please download [Recycle-Bin-Manager-1.0.0.dmg](./Recycle-Bin-Manager-1.0.0.dmg) file and open it to launch the installer. Then drag the 'Recycle Bin Manager.app' file to your applications folder.

You can then launch the application and follow the set-up instructions accoordingly.

## Usage

(instructions and screenshots for use)


## Testing

We have officially entered the first testing phase! We are excited to see how it will all go down, but above all, this is an experiment, and we are expecting a lot of bugs and errors to show up. This is normal and we need to collect feedback to tweak and refine the app.

We've dedicated a [shared document](https://etherpad.hackersanddesigners.nl/p/RecycleBinTesting) for all communication. Feel free to add your thoughts, feedback and error messages to this document.

**Important note on error logging:** Much like a web browser, the Recycle Bin Manager has a developer console that logs the app's status updates, warnings and error messages. In case your run into any problems, this panel will most likely display information on what is causing these problems. You can access this panel using the keyboard shortcut <kbd>command</kbd> + <kbd>option</kbd> + <kbd>I</kbd>, and then in the top right menu bar, click on "Console". 

Further instructions on how to make a bug report are in the etherpad document.

## Authors

Rick [[happytechnology.nl](https://happytechnology.nl)] & Karl [[moubarak.eu](https://moubarak.eu)]

## License

[Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International](/LICENSE)